On-Demand Automation Live Virtual Summit

Learn all about Intelligent Automation from the mainframe to microservices

Featured Speakers

Glenn headshot
Glenn O'Donnell
VP, Research Director, Forrester
Mihir Hardas
VP, Morgan Stanley
Bill Rosner v2
Bill Rosner
AVP, Capital Group




The COVID-19 Crisis Will Accelerate Enterprise Automation Plans

Glenn O'Donnell
VP, Research Director, Forrester

Reshape Enterprise Transformation with Intelligent Automation

Kurt Sand
VP & Head of Automation, Broadcom

Jeff Henry
VP of Strategy, Design, and Product Management, Broadcom

Customer Panel - Intelligent Automation Discussion

Morgan Stanley & Capital Group

Delivering a Better Service From Your Automation Solutions

Jennifer Chisik
Head of Product for AAI, Broadcom

Embrace Open: End-to-End Automation

Nicole Fagen
Product Mgmt Lead for AIOps & Automation, Broadcom

Intelligent Automation - Key Takeaways

Tony Beeston 
Product Marketing Lead - Automation, Broadcom

Breakout Sessions

How to Succeed When Adopting a Multi-Cloud Environment

Matt Busch 
Senior Manager - Automation, Broadcom

Integrated Smart Automation

Michael Kiehl 
Solutions Strategy Lead, Broadcom

End-To-End Automation For Your Data Pipelines

Dave Kellermanns
Global Automation Advisor, Broadcom

Automation and the Future of Work

Scott Willson
Director of Product Marketing - Automation, Broadcom

How Automation Helps the Site Reliability Engineer

Ron Gidron
Product Marketing - Automation, Broadcom

Little Dev Big OPS - Integrating the DevOps team

Venkat Balabhadrapatruni
Distinguished Engineer, Broadcom